Change in leadership at the Swiss-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry EST 1976

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The former President Georg Staub handed over his baton to Simon Tiberius Fundel at the annual general meeting this year. Mr. Fundel, assuming the helm as the new head of the association, is a dynamic entrepreneur with an impressive network, resides in Switzerland as well as in Iran.

Mr. Fundel studied at the universities of Reutlingen, Hong Kong and St. Gallen and holds a Master degree in economics. This year, Mr. Fundel founded his own company called Prior to that, the 39 year-old Fundel held leading positions at different international companies. During that time, he succeeded in establishing a powerful network of trade and commerce between Iranian trade associations, companies and authorities. Furthermore, Simon Tiberius Fundel has an intricate relationship with chambers of similar design in Switzerland and abroad. This is also why Mr. Fundel sees potential for optimization in Switzerland: “In Switzerland there are several institutions that engage themselves in the arena of the Swiss-Iranian economic relations. I aspire to a better network and a clear distribution of roles”. Mr. Fundel was duly elected under a unanimous vote by the members of the general meeting and appointed as the new President.

International business lawyer becomes Vice-President

The members of the general meeting also unanimously elected business lawyer Giovanni Gaggini, Partner, Bellpark Legal AG from Zurich, as the Vice-President of the Swiss-Iranian chamber of commerce. Gaggini has been conducting business with Iran for approximately 10 years and maintains relationships with renowned Iranian law firms and companies. Alongside his activities, Mr. Gaggini is also active as Chairman of the board of directors at Porretti & Gaggini SA in Bedano (TI) and resides on the board of directors at both the Ammann Group AG, Switzerland, and the Ammann BauAusrüstungs AG, Switzerland.

Both Mr. Gaggini and Mr. Fundel have been esteemed members of the board of directors of the Swiss-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry EST 1976 for a number of years.

Ease of process

Economist graduate Pia Stebler continues to assume the responsibility of management at the Swiss-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Ms Stebler remarked on the change at the association of the new top positions: „Based on the present geopolitical situation, doing business with Iran has not become easier. Given the current environment, diverse competencies and experiences are needed. As the retiring President Georg Staub continues to retain a seat on the board, our chamber is being strengthened by the election of the new presidency and board of directors consisting of two active entrepreneurs conducting business with Iran.

Development of the 2018 activities

The Swiss-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry EST 1976 will be substantially developing its additional services within the coming year. It is planned to build up different sector-specific working groups including but not limited to the environmental technology, Banking & Finance or tourism sectors. The Branch delegations are fully committed to business expansion and the exchange of knowledge with Iran.

The focus will concentrate on services which facilitate optimum business benefit between Swiss and Iranian businesses. Active cooperation with bilateral economic commissions and the coordination with partner organisations in Switzerland and Europe are the primary objectives.