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Announcing the 5th Europe-Iran Forum in Paris

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The 5th Europe-Iran Forum (EIF5), the leading Iran business and economic conference, which will take place on 14 November (23 Aban) in Paris, France. Following three years in Switzerland, Bourse & Bazaar is moving EIF5 to Paris in recognition of the important role that the French government and French enterprise will play in helping preserve the longterm European commitment to trade and investment in Iran.

In a new format that encourages forthright discussions, EIF5 will be off-the-record and comprised of working meetings.

The 5th Europe-Iran Forum will bring together business leaders and policymakers for one day of intensive working meetings. Experts-led discussions will cover:

  • Connecting solutions in different European countries into a unified strategy
  • Operationalizing compliant central bank and private sector banking channels
  • Sustaining or mothballing operations intelligently
  • Developing a new European standard for due diligence in Iran
  • Unlocking efficiency and value in Iran through knowledge transfer
  • Defining a new economic plan for Iran

The Swiss-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry EST 1976  will again seek benefits. The official participation fee is €950. We keep our members up to date.

Make your reservation today and, if necessary, make sure you get a visa in time. We are happy to support our members in the visa process.